What Is The Joint Admissions Testing Program?

The Joint Admissions Testing Program (JATP) is a means by which children seeking admission to a consortium of Metro-Atlanta private schools complete a nationally standardized measure of cognitive functioning.  The test administered assesses a range of cognitive abilities that are related to school readiness.  The test is designed to evaluate a child’s performance under a fixed set of conditions, not to test the limits of his or her knowledge.  All tests are administered on a one-on-one basis by licensed psychologists qualified in psychoeducational assessment.

Dr. Ellis is a contract psychologist for the Joint Admissions Testing Program.  As a function of her JATP affiliation, she provides cognitive evaluations for rising kindergarten through fifth grade students. 

Appointment Scheduling

If you are interested in having Dr. Ellis conduct the JATP testing for your child, please complete and email the  fill-able JATP registration form to jatp@ellisevaluations.com.

Once Dr. Ellis receives your registration form, she will email a payment invoice to you. You can also go directly to the online store and pay your registration fee.  After the registration fee has been paid, Dr. Ellis will schedule your appointment and forward you confirmation. 

You may view some of the available appointment dates and times by clicking the See Available Appointments button below. Make sure you are going into the appointment portal for Mesha Ellis - Ellis Evaluation Services JATP. For “Service” select JATP Testing (K-5). After you see a date and time you like, email jatp@ellisevaluations.com and indicate your preference.  Again only do this after you have submitted your JATP Registration Form and payment.

Please note, requesting a specific date and time does not guarantee that you will be booked for that date and time.  Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Dr. Ellis will make every effort to accommodate your request, however.  Also, you will not receive a response unless you have already emailed your completed JATP registration form and submitted payment to Dr. Ellis.

If Dr. Ellis is conducting your JATP testing, in order to receive your JATP results and have them uploaded to the Ravenna system, YOU MUST DELEGATE HER AS YOUR PSYCHOLOGIST IN RAVENNA. Not doing so in a timely manner could delay your and school receipt of results.

The $240 testing fee ($210 early discount testing fee) covers the testing session and sending the results to the JATP schools of your choice.  The report you receive will be general (e.g., ability ranges).  As per JATP policy, your report will not include your child’s numeric IQ scores. 

Parents will receive JATP testing results no later than 10 days after testing by email given appropriate delegations in the Ravenna system have been made.

If you wish, you may schedule a parent conference to obtain your child’s numeric IQ scores as well as further explanation of the test results. If a parent conference is desired, please complete a Feedback Session Request Form and forward it along with a check for $200 (per child) at any time before or after your child’s testing appointment.  After payment is received, a written report including numeric IQ scores and behavioral observations will be prepared for your parent Feedback consultation.  Please understand that these feedback consultations are an optional service and are not required by the JATP schools.

To obtain additional information about the JATP process and schools, please visit https://jatp.org.

Registering For JATP Testing

Please Follow These Steps

Step 1

Download & Complete JATP Registration Form
  • Please complete the form and save it to your computer.
  • Please Note: If you do not save the form to your computer, you will email a blank form.

Step 2

Email Registration Form To Dr. Ellis
  • You will be emailed a payment invoice. You must submit payment prior to moving on to Step 3.

Step 3

Pay Registration Fee Via Invoice or Online Store
  • Request Appointment Only After Registration Form and Payment Have Been Submitted.
  • Dr. Ellis will forward confirmation of your appointment and Ravenna delegation instructions.

Step 4

Delegate Dr. Ellis In Ravenna