The Purpose of Clinical Evaluations

Clinical evaluations provide the means by which questions regarding your behavioral, emotional,  intellectual, interpersonal, or career functioning are answered.   

They help to clarify diagnostic questions and deepen knowledge of your strengths, weaknesses, and personality structure.

What to Expect

Our clinical evaluations consist of one to two appointments comprised of a diagnostic interview and psychological testing. 

1.The diagnostic interview consists of a one- to one and one-half hour meeting with the client or the client's caregiver(s).  The meeting is designed to gather detailed information about the client's medical, family, developmental, and behavioral history.The evaluator will additionally ask you to describe in detail, your/the client's  current symptoms as well as the overall goals for the evaluation.

You will be requested to complete rating scales as well as given forms to be completed your/the client's family members, supervisor, teacher or other caregivers upon completing the diagnostic interview.

To assist in the data gathering process, we request that you bring copies of any previous psychological evaluation reports that were conducted in a school setting or privately. 

2. Testing appointment(s): Your/your child will subsequently participate in one to two 3-hour testing appointments. The testing appointments generally include an assessment of your/your child's: 

♦ Social interaction
♦ Communication
♦ Emotional functioning
♦ Behavior
♦ Adaptive skill

A feedback session will be scheduled with you to discuss your/your child's strengths and weaknesses, diagnosis (if applicable), and recommendations approximately four weeks after the completion of the evaluation session(s).  You will receive a full written report summarizing your/your child's results during the feedback session. 

 What Can Parents Do to Prepare for the Diagnostic Interview?

       ♦ Review baby books for developmental milestones

♦ Bring copies of previous evaluations and your child’s individualized education plan (IEP) if applicable

What Can The Client Do to Prepare for the Testing Appointment?

  • Bring your/your child’s glasses and hearing aids, if you/he/she has either.
  • Ensure that you/your child get(s) a good night's sleep
  • Make sure that you/your child eats a good breakfast
  • Plan for extra travel time due to morning traffic

All testing appointments begin at 9:00am. Please note that it is important to be on time so that all of the testing measures can be completed within your scheduled testing block.