We conduct empirically-grounded forensic psychological evaluations for courts, private attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors, and employers in Georgia, Tennessee, and California . We additionally provide attorney consultations and  expert witness testimony. 

Evaluations performed  include psychological assessments of plaintiffs in civil matters, juveniles, and defendants in criminal matters.


♦ Competency to stand trial

♦ Understanding, appreciation, and competency to waive Miranda Rights

♦ Transfer/Waiver to criminal court

♦ Mental state at the time of offense (i.e., infancy, insanity, diminished capacity)

♦ Risk assessment (i.e., violence, psychosexual, recidivism)


 Dr. Ellis additionally conducts forensic psychological evaluations for adult criminal defendants.


♦ Family court evaluations (i.e., parental fitness, child custody)

♦ Preemployment and Fitness for duty evaluations

♦ Consultation to employers regarding behavioral problems in the workplace

♦ Special education (i.e., evaluation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

♦ Independent Medical (Psychological) Examinations (IMEs) for Personal Injury Cases